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The Moshlings Logo.

There are over 60 moshlings, including popular ones like I.G.G.Y. (stands for I'm Gonna Get Ya!), Jeepers and Oddie. Ones not availible with seeds (like moshlings from codes or S.M. missions) are normally proven popular including Lady GooGoo, Roxy, Dustbin Beaver, Wurley, Gabby and Wallop.

Moshlings were first made on 9th September 2008 with the Secrets, Puppies, Worldies, Tunies and Techies not being released until the years of 2010
Moshling Collection Chart

A moshling collection chart. Note there's only 40 moshlings, compared to over 60 now (Jan 2012)

and 2011. Originally, Flumpy was a Cloudies set moshling but now he is part of 4-part set the Fluffies, along with IGGY, Dipsy (a proper cloud) and Honey.