A moshling is a monster's pet on moshi monsters. They can be got by planting the right combination of seeds. There are over 60 moshlings currently moshi monsters. They are split into about 15 sets, each containing 4 moshlings(except from the Luckies, Noises, Smilies, Snowies and Tunies currently):

Beasties (Humphrey, Jeepers, Burnie, ShiShi)

Birdies (Dj Quack, Tiki, Peppy, Prof. Purplex)

Dinos (Snookums, Doris, Pooky, Gurgle)

Fishies (Stanley, Blurp, Fumble, Cali)

Fluffies (Dipsy, Flumpy, Honey, I.G.G.Y)

Foodies (Coolio, Hansel, Oddie, Cutie Pie)

Kitties (Gingersnap, Purdy, Lady Meowford, Waldo)

Luckies (Penny, Tingaling)

Ninjas (Chop Chop, Shelby, Sooki-Yaki, General Fuzuki)

Noisies (Cherry Bomb)

Nutties (CocoLoco)

Ponies (Angel, Priscilla, Mr. Snoodle, Gigi)

Puppies (Fifi, McNulty, White Fang, Scamp)

Secrets (Roxy, Lady GooGoo, Blingo, Dustbin Beaver)

Smilies (Tiamo)

Snowies (Tomba)

Spookies (Squidge, Kissy, Ecto, Big Bad Bill)

Techies (Holga, Gabby, Wurley, Nipper)

Tunies (Plinky, Wallop)

Worldies (Rocky, Liberty, Cleo, Mini Ben)