Moshi Monsters Breaking News!

Moshi Monsters Breaking News!

News talking about the Super Moshis

The Super Moshis are one of the most famous groups on Moshi who fight against C.L.O.N.C.

1. Missing Moshling EggEdit

In the first mission you recover a missing moshling egg which is stolen from Buster Bumblechops. This mission is seperate to the others, unlike the last few missions in Series 1 which follow on from each other.

2. Voyage Under Potion OceanEdit

In this mission  you have to travel under water to get to the Glump Machine which you stop and get a  moshling called Wurley.

Voyage Under Potion Ocean

A scene from Mission 2, Voyage Under Potion Ocean


The Super Moshi Badge

3. Strangeglove From Above

4. Candy CastaropheEdit

5. Pop Goes The Boo BooEdit

6. Super Moshiversity ChallengeEdit

7. 20,000 Leagues Under The FurEdit

8. Spooktacular SpectacularEdit

9. Snow Way OutEdit

10. Super Weapon ShowdownEdit

11. Close Encounters Of The Zoshi KindEdit

12. Sandy Drain SheningansEdit

13. Bungle In The JungleEdit

14. Big Top BallyhooEdit

15. Curse Of The Paw Wavin' KittenEdit

16. Welcome To JollywoodEdit

17. Masters Of The SwooniverseEdit

18. Kick Some AsteroidEdit

19. Missing On A StarEdit

20. Cosmic CountdownEdit

21. Lost In Hong BongEdit

22. Freezy RiderEdit

23. The Unusal Suspects Part 1Edit

24. The Unusal Suspects Part 2Edit

25. The Unusal Suspects Part 3Edit

26. Somewhere Clover The Rainbow Part 1Edit

27. Somewhere Clover The Rainbow Part 2Edit

28. Somewhere Clover The Rainbow Part 3Edit

29. Somewhere Clover The Rainbow Part 4Edit

30. Somewhere Clover The Rainbow Part 5Edit

31. Somewhere Clover The Rainbow Part 6Edit

32. Somwhere Clover The Rainbow Part 7Edit

33. Choc-O-dile Blues Part 1Edit

34. Choc-O-dile Blues Part 2Edit

35. Choc-O-Dile Blues Part 3Edit