Sweet Tooth is DEATH!


Sweet Tooth enjoys licking lolliplops and combing candyfloss.


Sweet tooth does not like dentists nor savoury snacks, for obvious reasons.


Sweet Tooth got her first major role in Super Moshi Mission number 4, Candy Catastrophe. It is revealed then that she resides in the Candy Cane Caves, but she probably also spends a lot of time at CLONC bases.

First AppearenceEditEdit

Super Moshi Mission 3 Strangeglove from Above, where she reported to Strangeglove. Sweet Tooth was surrounded by other members of CLONC, although only she was cleary visible.

Latest AppearenceEditEdit

Super Moshi Mission 14 Big Top Ballyhoo, where Sweet Tooth posed as the ringleader Candy the Clown, (Fake!) owner of Cirque du Bonbon.             


  • The gender of this candy criminal was a mystery until Mission 14, where it was revealed that she was, in fact, a female. The revelation was very anticlimactic.
  • Sweet Tooth has a song on the Music Rox album, Sweet Tooth Stomp. Supposedly, it was recorded in the Candy Cane Caves.
  • A Moshi Magazine was found saying 'Sweet Tooth has swapped sides and is no longer a bad guy'. It was found on an Australian Moshi Magazine.